Good morning it is 10:00 a.m and it’s time to wake up baby we have a schedule so every three hours I’ll wake her up and then I’ll change her to keep her awake, then I’ll put her on the boob to eat and then after she’ll just fall back asleep again and that’s pretty much a newborn routine is just eating sleep poop, it sucks to be woken up doesn’t it

Good morning it is 10:00 a.m and it’s time to wake up baby we have a schedule so every three hours I’ll wake her up and then I’ll change her to keep her awake, then I’ll put her on the boob to eat and then after she’ll just fall back asleep again and that’s pretty much a newborn routine is just eating sleep poop, it sucks to be woken up, doesn’t it.

Dada ching-he okay let’s get your diaper changed this is her little team stations this is where I keep all her diapers and wipes this is her diaper genie all the stinky diapers and then this is just a little change table that we have it has like a little awhile and then this is all her stuff her diaper changes just type these wipes and some diaper creams so I’ll go ahead and lay her down here baby you hungry I do your noises are so sweet okay now I just have to wash my hand and my boobs and it’s feeding time I put my breasts pillow on and I’ve gotten a burp cloth and then I’ll just go ahead and open up my baby app so I use the baby plus app and they have a feeding tracker.

so I’ll just hit the timer to start timing when she is on the boob and just
like that she is eating oh my god she’s gonna like slow down baby oh there’s a gassy smile this is the one burp that I do with her
most often to get her gasps oh it’s like the chin burp you just sit her on her
bum and her legs will cross it and then I’ll just hold your chin and Pat her
back it’s important to stay hydrated while you’re breastfeeding.

I always keep my water bottle beside me well after baby case done eating she sometimes gets a tummy ache so what we’ll do is we’ll do another birth which is the over-the-shoulder pressing on her stomach firmly against my chest and then just taking my palm and applying some nice gentle pressure and it gets all the gas up and out okay.

While I’m breastfeeding I’m not sure if you guys noticed but while I’m nursing Carla on one side I will put this device on the other side just to collect all the milk that will drip out of the other boob I usually collect like three and a half to four ounces just from the drips on the other boob just so it doesn’t go to waste I’ll go ahead and bag this milk up and all add it to the deep freeze downstairs each of these has four ounces in them because on average babies will usually have either a four-ounce or an eight-ounce bottle so that is all of our stored milk so before we change baby Kay.

Always like to moisturize her just head to toe just to keep her nice and silky smooth we do it once in the morning before we change her and then once before bed but I just used the Aveeno baby one because it’s the number one pediatrician recommended and then also I noticed her nails were getting a little she actually gave herself a bit of a scratch while she was breastfeeding so I just filed them down using one of the Emery boards that I have for her just like a baby nail file now they’re nice and short and she can’t do any damage with these hi baby and I brushed her hair too but it’s kind of coming unbrushed as she’s rolling around I was just adjusting her diaper.

I could muster eyes the creases of her legs like up in here and she started peeing all over so we had to change her again didn’t we
but desert a hi hi little girl there we go so now it’s time to change baby k
we’re just gonna put her in a new undershirt and then just a little
breathable onesie since it’s daytime and this one has the convertible mitten so we can take these ones off of her and she’s changed I’m Izzy all I see is just content alright so well we have a second I thought I’d show you guys.

When a babe case favorite toys it’s really cool because you can actually control it from an app on your phone so I’ll just open that up I’ll go into the mama Roo infant seat since that’s what this is cuz I press this it will turn on this is her favorite setting the one that it’s on right now kangaroo and you can control the speed other than the panel down there or from just turning this up.

I like to keep it at one however because she’s still so little that it like scares me to go any faster one of the most special features though in my
opinion is the sounds that it has I always like to play her the heartbeat just because my heartbeat is what she would hear in the womb so you can turn
the volume up from here and I’ll let you guys listen she’ll just be super content in here and I can go and have a shower or do whatever I need to do and someone can watch here we’re not really going anywhere today so I’m just literally throwing on comfy clothes because when you have to whip her boobs out every three hours you don’t really want to have to go through many layers and it’s just best if you’re comfortable my boobs are leaking Lots so I will definitely need a new set of bracing pads alright so now I’m just gonna have a quick shower and then I’ll quickly go through my moisturizing and skincare routine all right so now that I’m out of
the shower I just Halle dried my hair and brush it through gently and then I grabbed highlight and just her in her bassinet so I can hear her while I finish getting ready for the date so I thought I’d show you guys just
what my stomach looks like my stomach originally was like all the way out here now it’s still pretty hard but it has to shrink significantly and yeah I’m almost back to me.

Where I would say like a three-month pregnant belly looks like slowly day by day it’s shrinking so I’ll keep you guys updated with that belly progress.

I’m just going to put her in her baby rap and then I’ll make myself some
breakfast with her in the rap I chose to get the Solly baby wrap this is just the best one for newborns I heard it’s good for up to 25 pounds so I’ll show you guys how we put it on the first step you want to always keep the tag in the center and then what you’re gonna do is cross it behind you kind of to make like an X like that and then you’ll bring each end over your shoulder kind of like a shawl once you do this you’re gonna grab both ends and just put them through the center here and I like to baby we’re just in my nursing bra just because it gives her a bit of skin-to-skin which is
really important you’re gonna just cross them and make an X and then how tight you pull at this stage is basically gonna depict how tight she is on to your chest and then I’ll just take this end and wrap it around and then I boy usually like to go to the left side just to tie it off and then there’s a little
pouch on the end to fit any excess fabric and you can just stuff it right
into here and it hangs this is also one of the only wraps that has this feature I know the boba and the Moby Wrap are like really long and they hang down really far but this one is like the perfect length no it is all ready for baby, so we’ll go ahead and grab her and I’ll show you how I put her in
you want her head to be close enough to kiss and then the nose to this side like that I’m sure if you can see her face but she’s like what’s going on mama hi baby well I’d lie down relax that’s coming some breakfast, my mama.

For swaddling, there are a few ways to do it, I think this is easiest personally um so I’ll just fold a little section of the blanket over like this keeping the restfully sprawled out you want to keep the edge of the blanket in line with
like about the middle of the bottom of baby’s ear he’ll take their first little
chicken wing stick it under the blankie and tuck the tuck it right underneath their elbow then you’re gonna pull this
side over nice and tight and fold as much of the blanket as you can
underneath them just to keep it nice and secure and then I’ll take this bottom section and I will bring it up as high.

I can keep your nice in and tucked up and then I will fold the rest of this over keeping it nice and neat doing the same thing with this little chicken wing tucking it right just under the elbow and grabbing this cross-section right over keeping it as tight as you can and there we have a baby burrito both have an afternoon nap to end off our morning before our afternoon feed once I am fully recovered once I reach that six weeks postpartum recovery where my incision is fully healed from the inside out I’m planning on incorporating my workouts back into my morning routine whether that be on my own or back at Orangetheory I’ve been itching to do something with myself not being able to lift anything heavier than your own baby’s weight is like the most frustrating thing I’m gonna try and upload at least once a week from now.

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